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Learning Domains Requalification (28 Books)

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The Requalification Curriculum is divided into 28 individual topics, called Learning Domains. A separate workbook for each domain is included.

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LD 00 Becoming an Exemplary Peace Officer
LD 01 Leadership, Professionalism, & Ethics
LD 03 Policing in the Community
LD 04 Victimology/Crisis Intervention
LD 07 Crimes Against Persons
LD 09 Crimes Against Children
LD 10 Sex Crimes
LD 11 Juvenile Law and Procedures
LD 12 Controlled Substances
LD 15 Laws of Arrest
LD 16 Search and Seizure
LD 17 Presentation of Evidence
LD 19 Vehicle Operations
LD 20 Use of Force
LD 21 Patrol Techniques
LD 22 Vehicle Pullovers
LD 23 Crimes in Progress
LD 25 Domestic Violence
LD 27 Missing Persons
LD 28 Traffic Enforcement
LD 30 Crime Scenes, Evidence and Forensics
LD 33 Arrest and Control
LD 35 Firearms/Chemical Agents
LD 37 People with Disabilities
LD 38 Gang Awareness
LD 39 Crimes Against the Justice System
LD 40 Weapons Violations
LD 41 Hazardous Materials Awareness
LD 42 Cultural Diversity/Discrimination


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