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Basic Academy Students, please note you are provided an electronic version of these books as a part of your tuition.

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LD # 01 Hist, Ethics Profess
LD # 02 Criminal justice system
LD # 03 Community Relations
LD # 05 Intro to Criminal Law
LD # 06 Property Crimes
LD # 07 Crimes Against Persons
LD # 08 General Criminal Statues
LD # 09 Crimes Against Children
LD # 10 Sex Crimes
LD # 11 Juvenile Law & Procedure
LD # 12 Controlled Substances
LD # 15 Laws of Arrest
LD # 16 Search & Seizure
LD # 19 Vehicle Operations
LD # 20 Use of Force
LD # 25 Domestic Violence
LD # 26 Unusual Occurrences
LD # 28 Traffic Enforcement
LD # 31 Custody
LD # 34 First Aid & CPR
LD # 36 Informations Systems
LD # 37 Persons with Disablilities
LD # 39 Crimes Against the Justice System
LD # 40 Weapons Violations
LD # 43 Emergency Management


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